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"It's like Diablo plus a rogue-like" - IGN

"Different every time you enter the dungeon" - GamesBeat

"A sinister twist at the end" - GameOnDaily


Disappointed by the shocking lack of cooperative multiplayer rogue-likes? Meet BARBARIC, a fast, fun dungeon-crawling adventure for you and up to three friends!

Enter the grimdark fantasy world of Aldderas and choose one of eight powerful heroes; team up with others to embark on one of 100 billion different adventures!

Explore, fight, and puzzle-solve your ways to one of the dungeon bosses, ancient evils which will test your mastery of real-time, collaborative, skill-based combat.

The dungeon boss only drops one prize, and friendly fire is on ... Will you help your companion escape with the boon? Or will you stab them from behind and keep it for yourself?

BARBARIC is co-op ... until it's not. 

Playable Heroes of BARBARIC

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Neadra, Lightfury Prophet

In her mind's eye, Neadra sees visions of the world of Aldderas bathed in light, but there is a staggering price: The timeless evils which have made root in the inmost abandons of the world of Aldderas must be broken. Torch in hand, Neadra travels from tribe to tribe, rallying others to her cause.

Lightfury: Springing from the first light, Lightfuries have battled the demonic Firstborn for as long as memory, decimating both races to the end of their relevance. As Lightfury and Firstborn societies retreat into legend, new races born from the magics unleashed during their terrible Forever Wars have emerged to claim Aldderas for themselves.

Racial Trait, Life Vision: Lightfuries can see the life force of a living creature as easily as other races see torch fire.

Racial Trait, Gravefury Return: When a Lightfury dies, she returns as a Gravefury, a sentient demon, a perversion of her former self; this second life is bent toward an unquenchable desire for destruction and the infliction of pain. Shunned by Lightfury culture, Gravefuries find themselves alone in the world of Aldderas.

Special Ability, Life Cloud: Neadra may expel her life force in a cloud in front of herself, easing the suffering and healing the wounds of those nearby, at the cost of her own life force.

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Edrek, Stoneborn Chieftain

Edrek believes that the Stoneborn are the future of Aldderas. If ridding the world of demons and ending the submerging darkness means that he must follow the Lightfury into insurmountable battle, then so be it: Edrek leads his tribe by example.

Stoneborn: Created from the wild energies unleashed during the Forever Wars, the Stoneborn are a rough people who make up for their lack of magic in sheer numbers and persistent industriousness. The Stoneborn are the most-populous non-demon race of Aldderas.

Racial Trait, Impenetrable: As their racial name implies, Stoneborn skin is hard to pierce.

Racial Trait, Indomitable: Stoneborns are incredibly hard to knock down during a fight.

Special Ability, Smash: Edrek leaps a short distance, disrupting attackers.

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Sloarn, Firstborn Outcast

A Firstborn military leader who was shunned by his fellow demons for his losses during the Forever Wars, Sloarn hates: Sloarn hates the Lightfuries, Sloarn hates the Firstborn, and Sloarn would enjoy no greater moment than to see both races' numbers dwindle from Aldderas, along with all other life on the planet.

Firstborn: The first prominent race of Aldderas, the Firstborn are demons who, for a time before the Lightfuries, lorded over all. Forever Wars with the Lightfuries have left the Firstborn in shattered population and moved by a never known before fearfulness for the future.

Racial Trait, Dark Vision: Firstborn need no light sources to see.

Racial Trait, Ancient Knowledge: There is little that the Firstborn do not know about the world which they once dominated.

Special Ability, Flame Armor: Sloarn may engulf his body in wild flames which simultaneously absorb and deal damage.

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Miba, Fieldkin Heroine

An inveterate demon hunter, Miba is unrivaled in melee combat. Though Miba's tribespeople were largely unmoved by Neadra's pleas, Miba turned her back on her fellow Fieldkin to join in the quest to bring light to the world of Aldderas - an appointment which she considers the highest of callings. 

Fieldkin: An unintended byproduct of the magics which the Lightfuries used to bring trees to the barren darkness of Aldderas, Fieldkin are small, agile, and unequaled by other races in their ferocious savagery. 

Racial Trait, Hard To Kill: Fieldkin are very difficult to kill.

Special Ability, Cut: Miba flips away from her opponent, cutting her opponent as she does so.